Friday, April 01, 2011

Lilla Rose Hair Jewelry Giveaway

No April Fools...I'm giving away one of the beautiful hair accessories from Lilla Rose! Since this is the first giveaway I've hosted on my blog, you (as one of my 10 loyal readers) probably have a really good chance of winning (YAY!).

I am even more in love with the Lilla Rose products since I now have tried not only the flexi clips, but the hair sticks and the jeweled headbands. The super-soft, stretchy, adjustable band that goes under the hair on the headbands allows you to wear it all day with no typical "headband-ache". Fabulous! Several of my friends have purchased a flexi clip or two and are wearing them every day. How nice to get away from plain ponytail holders, plastic claws and barrettes.

So here's how the giveaway works: All comments must be left here on this blog post, not facebook. You choose any/all of the below options to enter (the first one is the mandatory entry). If you don't have a blogger profile, just be sure to include your name and email in your comments. On April 15 I'll use an auto-number picker deal to choose the winning comment number. Then I'll send the winner a gift certificate for your free flexi clip (or other product--up to $15)!

1. Visit my Lilla Rose website and watch the size/styling videos, then leave a comment about your favorite hairstyle. 1 entry/leave 1 comment
2. Visit the Lilla Rose store and tell me which flexi-clip (or other product) you like. 1 entry/leave 1 comment
3. Make a Lilla Rose purchase from my website. 3 entries/leave 3 comments
4. Like my Lilla Rose Facebook page. 1 entry/leave 1 comment
5. Share this giveaway on Facebook or blog about it. 2 entries each/leave 2 comments each
6. Follow this blog or subscribe by email (see sidebar). 1 entry/leave 1 comment

Good luck!


independentthinker said...

I think these look like such great products! I would love to see the different hairstyles but I am having trouble getting the video to play correctly. It quits after the first few seconds. Is it just me?
Peggy Heid

Megan said...

Those are really pretty and look easy to use! My favorite style I saw was the French Twist.

Dawn said...

Hey Resa. I've been looking at the Lilla Rose site lately and thinking about becoming a consultant myself. Can you let me know how you got started and what you think of it privately? BTW, we like the tails-up style best.
Dawn G.

Amy said...

I just watched the video. I was so consumed with sizing, that I forgot to take note of the names of the styles. I like how you do the full-up (I think that's the name). Once the girls and I get our haircut I'll be ready to invest in some of these. I think I'll know what sizes we need at that point.

They are all attractive and seem to work really well!

Kelli said...

Adorable. I haven't seen any I didn't like.

Peaceful said...

Love it all! One out of many that caught my eye was #2-0658! Hoping I get my name drawn for the freebie! Love, Peace

Kathy said...

Ok, I officially like on facebook! I love these, I don't think I've gone a day without wearing one since I got them!