Friday, May 25, 2012

'Do of the Day #7: Easy Braided Bun with a Flexi Clip

Ever have a day when you just don't want to fix your hair to wear it down? Ha! We all have them! Try this easy basic braid folded into a chic low bun to make those days a breeze.

And I'm having a special on my website until the end of this month:

Buy 3 items (Flexi clips, Headbands or You-Pins) and receive 1 FREE (up to $16, please). Purchases must be made online by 10 p.m. CST on May 31, 2012. You must email me at with your order number and free selection. Free item will be processed after the promotional period ends and sent separately from your initial order. This promotion is only good through Resa Eastwood, Independent Consultant and is not sponsored by Lilla Rose, Inc.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

'Do of the Day #6: Braid with Side Bun

A side bun instantly adds a little elegance to your style...especially if it's a bun that won't fall out every half hour.  (Yeah, you other gals with long thick hair know what I'm talking about!)  Try this look with or without the Dutch braid and held with a pair of Lilla Rose You-Pins.  Be sure to sign up for my newsletter as I have a new special coming soon!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

'Do of the Day #5: Tails Up Twist for Long Hair

The Tails-Up Twist is a super popular hairstyle for women of all ages. Most of us have worn this look with the ubiquitous claw clip making it a practical, but somewhat uncomfortable and unsecure--don't EVEN think of putting your head back on a chair or headrest of a car with a claw holding it up--OUCH!

Add to all that the fact that longer than shoulder length locks gives you more of a floppy rooster tail than a cute little fluff at the top! I've been determined to figure something out so I can wear this style again...wah-lah! Using a Lilla Rose flexi clip to hold it up, I can tuck the longer ends into the twist on either side and they stay put--comfortably--all day! Perfect!

I wanted to make it fancy for a girls' day out with my sister, so I braided a bit of hair above my ear and wrapped it around like a headband.  It is secured with a couple bobby pins just behind the opposite ear.
As a final touch, I swept my long-ish bangs over to the side (again used a couple bobbies) and sprayed it all with flexible hairspray.

Monday, May 21, 2012

'Do of the Day #4: French Twist & Headband

Today's 'do is a first time experiment. I really love the Lilla Rose beaded headbands, however the wonderful adjustable elastic band needs a place to hide when doing an updo like this French Twist!  See what you think:

French Twist with a Flexi and a Freestyle Headband for accent.  (Had to leave in the little guy making a funny face too!)

Friday, May 18, 2012

'Do of the Day #3: Ballerina Bun with You-Pins

My favorite hairstyle when I was a little girl is now back in style! A classic topknot or ballerina bun is perfect for everyday or a special occasion. The best thing about using the You-Pins to hold it up? NO BOBBY PINS REQUIRED! Nope, not a single one (though I could use a little hairspray for my fly-aways).

These beauties are You-Pins!  This design is called "Etched Daisies".  They are available for $15/pair on my Lilla Rose website.

Kitchen Before & After

Our kitchen remodel was started in December 2010. It began with moving the laundry room upstairs and has progressed through modifying the layout by ripping out a couple walls, adding a couple cabinets and replacing or resurfacing, well, almost everything. Most of the work was done in spurts during time Eric took off from work, to, um, work more! I will use the word "we" in a lot of the comments, but please know that my man did most everything himself--sometimes I wonder if it wasn't because he was afraid I would just mess it up. 

Before:  Cooking/Cleaning area all original to the house built in 1991 (except the counter microwave that we needed since the built-in died a few years back--made a great, oversized timer!)
Before:  Food storage area, pantry w/pull-out drawers in cabinet on left, the "pile" counter, fridge.
Before:  Dining area looking into the living room.
During:  Wall between the kitchen & living room ripped out (July '11).  Before view of the sliding glass doors and "extra" back door (that half window to the left of the sliders).
After:  Cooking area with a peek at the bar & window that replaced the sliders.

After:  New bar (now has stools & valance over the window) & broom cabinet.

After:  Close up of backsplash (tile from Heartland Tile & Stone in Raymore, MO) -♥ the mosaic details- & granite (St. Cecilia) inspired by the designer show house I toured in Topeka, KS last spring. 

After:  Close up of our painted & glazed cabinets.  I did all of the cabinet resurfacing using Rustoleum's Cabinet Transformations light kit in Linen.  Hardware in Antique Bronze from Locks & Pulls in Overland Park, Kansas.

After:  View standing by the previously unused backdoor looking into the kitchen.
So there's the nickle tour!  The "After" pictures were taken on Christmas Day 2011, so we've had some time now to live in the space and it's truly been enjoyed by our whole family.  Hope you like what we've done--it was a lot of work and we're still wrapping up the redo of the room that was the original laundry area (through that door to the right of the stove--there is a 1/2 bath and then the room).  It's transforming into a walk-in pantry/utility room full of shelves and purposeful storage---yay!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

'Do of the Day #2: Half-Up Twist

Our 'Do of the Day is a twist on a half-up: The Half-Up Twist!

Take this classic hairstyle up a notch by wearing a Lilla Rose flexi instead of a plastic claw or barrette.   
**Shown above: Small Petite Dragonfly  Shown in video: Medium Celtic Cross**

If your flexi is sized to wear all your hair up in a French twist etc., it's probably too big to pull back only the top section of your hair.  However, twisting it into this style allows you to gain more versatility with that larger clip--brilliant! 

Thumbs up to my lovely assistant, Elena. She has become quite the producer making sure to start and stop recording and shushing her brothers while we are filming.  I'm working on featuring her with some of our 'dos---we'll see!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Florida with our bunch!

Florida Vacation Snapshots...finally! Enjoy this tour of highlights from our vacation in Treasure Island, Orlando & Brooksville (Tampa area) taken during our week stay the end of February 2012.

(And a "YAY! & Thank you!" goes out to Blogger for making multiple photo uploads a breeze--this took me 2 minutes vs. 20+ minutes doing it in the old version!) 

'Do of the Day #1: Twisted Sides Drop Bun

We all need summer projects, right?  Well, join me each day for a new 'Do of the Day!  I'll of course be featuring a lot of my Lilla Rose hair products, but plan to do some with just simple ponytail holders etc.

Today we have a twisted sides drop bun.  It looks tricky, but really goes up easy-peasy using a Lilla Rose flexi.