Thursday, April 28, 2011

A new wardrobe!

So here it wardrobe for the next 30 days. The 33 chosen few!

I have tweaked Project 333 to fit me a bit better, as it is not supposed to be a I'm not counting jewelry or most accessories in my 33 items. I'm still waffling on shoes...for now you can see my three pairs on the shelf above the clothes.

So from yesterday's starting list, I have decided not to count the scarf, sunglasses, and earrings. I replaced them with a tan glitter tee, a purple & black beaded top and a pair of brown capris. This is a shot of all the empty hangers...and now even most of the shelves are cleared as I put out-of-season items in a large tub. Ah, the peace that decluttering brings!

Since Elena is in this with me I've given Kai the job of taking our daily outfit pictures. I was trying to stop Elena's silly face in this one...goofy girl!

Really, there are a lot of outfits I can make from my selections and today I didn't feel limited at all--ha! I often think about gals like the pioneers who had two, maybe three dresses to wear year makes the excess of my shelves seem overwhelming. I think next up will be my 50+ cake pan collection. Oh, dear.


Jodien said...

Way to go! I really think it will help simplify:)

Amy said...

Inspiring! After living out of a suitcase for a couple of weeks I'm thinking just maybe I could do this. I remember how convicted I was when overseas and most people had on two or three outfits per season--in England! Good for you!!

Holly said...

Hey Resa!

Liked your inspiration on really downsizing.

I'm not sure I want to be that limited but I'm sure it would simplify the decision making and there is certainly beauty in simplicity!

TAlk to you soon! :)


Michelle said...

Love it! As for the cake pans, maybe you could donate them to a local library? We have a few different libraries around our area that you can check out cake pans too! Very cool...and whenever I need the pans I've donated, they're always there! Just an idea! Good luck! :)