Saturday, February 23, 2008

Great Tunes...

I have a kiddo-free afternoon and am enjoying one of my top-best-favorite-awesome cd's while I putter around (okay, I'm cleaning, believe it or not):

My sis, Jodi, and I used to dance and sing and do whatever else little girls like to do to this album. Only then it was from an actual record in our mom's collection. Now my kids like to jam while I'm cooking to the same tunes...I think Puff the Magic Dragon is their current fav.
Long live folk music!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Pretty In Pink2

Last weekend was fun! After I stayed up til 2 a.m. finishing my preparations, my friend Molly joined me at my booth out at the Love In Bloom bridal fair at Powell Gardens. We spent the day enjoying each other's company, meeting lots of brides-to-be and their friends, and chatting with other cake gals. Here we are posing...that's Molly on the left and me on the right.

To add a little excitement, visitors voted for their favorite display cake from all the different cake vendors. It was my first bridal fair and I took home 2nd place! Whoo-hoo! I received a beautiful centerpiece flower arrangement with purple and pink primroses and all kinds of other pretties along with a cash prize.

My cake was titled "Rosa Silhouette" and was a three tier square cake that I stair stacked to give a flat surface on the back. Then I piped a silhouette of a bride and groom along this "canvas" turning what usually would be the back into the front of the cake. I added lots of pink pearly bobbles around as borders and on wires for the topper. It was much fun to create and my favorite part is that the design is my very own brain-child! So many of my other cakes are inspired directly from another design--unique creations always take the cake in my book!

I wish I had taken pictures of the other cake booths, but I became quickly distracted after the fair got going and never got my camera out again! Now I'm just hoping for a wedding contract or two...what a beautiful place to have a wedding.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Pretty in Pink

Nothing to do this Saturday? Come out and see me at the Powell Gardens "Pretty In Pink" Wedding Fair--you can taste some yummy cake! The gardens are 20 miles East of Lee's Summit on Highway 50. Click here for more info!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

And the award goes to...

God--For this encouraging story that gives evidence to the fact that our medical tests and professionals do not, indeed, know it all! Here's to LIFE, whichever way God hands it to you. (Thanks for the link Eric.)

Saturday, February 09, 2008

15 Year Reunion

Oh boy! I'm officially feeling old as I start making plans for my high school class' 15 year reunion. Guess I won't shirk my class pres. duties this 1/2 of a decade (what's 5 years called anyway?) like I did at the 10 year mark (my new baby was my excuse then!).

So I've spent the better part of my afternoon & evening plunking out a website for my class to hopefully use to connect HERE to see it. Anybody else out there have any reunion planning tips? All the websites I've gone to start like this: "2 years in advance...." Uhhhhhhh? How about 3-6 months to start with?

Our class had around 50 grads so hoping it won't be too hard to track them down...and hopefully fun to get together! Wish us luck...and if you're in my class and reading this you better boogie on over to our new website (smile)! Because I need HELP (in more ways than one!).


One round-trip ticket from KC to Orlando: about $99

One night's stay at Port Orlean's Riverside Resort: a little more than $99

A new Cinderella dress, princess makeover by her fairy-god Mommy, a Minnie Mouse hip pack and personalized autograph book, PLUS a bus ride to the Magic Kingdom: a little less than $99 (because Mommy shops on eBay)

A princess themed disposable camera just for her: a lot less than $99 (check out the gloves-- can't wait to get these prints!)

My own princess' first pose in front of her dream castle: PRICELESS!

Target Special

Sometimes I forget about this great deal when I'm at Target...and I shouldn't because my munchkins are always asking for a snack before, during and after shopping!

1 Medium Fountain Drink and 1 bag Popcorn for $1.08!

It rocks!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Stuck in my head

I love watching American Idol. This week the auditions had all we've come to expect from the contestants...some great, some so-so, some weird and some really, really bad. The best, IMHO, was the emotional audition of the young girl who's dad died two days before in a car accident.

Wipe away the tears...

Anyway...all those songs and what gets stuck in my head?

Monday, February 04, 2008

Florida Snaps

Hi! We're back from our tour of Florida! What a fun vacation...we even managed to relax a bit and feel refreshed and ready to jump back in to everyday life. Here are a few family snapshots of our adventures. We came home with over 200 photos so I'm sure there will be more to post here and over at Silly Rabbits of the kids.

This is Siesta Key Beach just south of Sarasota. It was a beautiful afternoon, though a bit chilly with the wind off the Gulf of Mexico. That didn't phase the kiddos though and they played their hearts out in the sand and sea!

This is taken on our short visit over at the Animal Kingdom Lodge Resort at Disney World. We were out on their savannah viewing deck to see some animals. We might have to stay their next time as it was really a beautiful hotel.

The classic family shot on Main Street USA in front of Cinderella's castle. We had early breakfast reservations in the Magic Kingdom so we got to enter before the rest of the crowds. Otherwise this street is usually teeming with people.

Elena and Kai are posing here on our way to our departing flight back to Kansas City. They have some really great 3D murals like this at the Orlando airport.

My Aunt Cle and Uncle Ed graciously let us stay with them the for four nights. They have a beautiful home near Brooksville and this photo is our going away lunch.

Ahhh, the mermaids! The live show was amazing and here we got to pose with Mermaid Jen. Kai was terrified and ran out of the area as fast as his little legs would carry him!

This is us on our date night in Ybor City in Tampa. We are standing outside Columbia Restaurant. I don't know what's up with that weird look on my face. Lovely.

Every vacation we have to have at least one group shot where we set our camera's timer. This time it was at sunset on the beach!

More to follow.....Happy Monday!