Friday, April 15, 2011

Days 32 & 33 - Gratitude

Wowie-zowie...some days just go faster than others! Now the challenge...10 things over the last two days to be grateful for.

1. Elena, old enough now to go to Grandma's and help with younger cousins staying for the week.

2. Time with just my boys while she was gone.

3. Spring flowers blooming gloriously before the wind and rain ravaged their delicate petals...and the bouquet plucked just in time to grace our kitchen.

4. Goodies arriving from thirty-one! Can a girl ever have too many bags? (Love my purse Sara!)

5. needs a whole post of it's own...I do a version of CVSing that involves only things we need or can donate to charity. All for almost free. What fun and a great blessing.

6. Play date with a new-er friend for Kai--who seemed a bit at a loss without his sis around.

7. An afternoon chat and prayer time with good friends.

8. The BBQ & Bluegrass fundraising dinner at Parker Elementary tonight with family.

9. All my in-laws with birthdays this week--Happy Birthday Chrissy, Kim & Nate!

10. No phone calls for awhile...amazing how much I stay tied to my phones. We canceled the home line this week and my sim card died today. Oh well, the quiet is nice.

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