Saturday, April 02, 2011

Day 21 - Gratitude

Fridays are good days in the Eastwood Household. Kai woke up and went straight for computer, no. "But Mom", he protested, "it's Fabulous Fun Friday!" I told him it could be fabulously fun after school.

5 Blessings from my Fabulous (almost warm) Friday:

1. A good cup of tea to start the day.

2. Baking a surprise birthday cake for's going to be a soccer ball but she and Eric think it's boobs (the ball bakes in two halves). Oh, dear.

3. Starting to read aloud two of my favorite books from childhood: Heidi and The Bluejay Boarders. Two chapters in and the kids are already hooked!

4. Getting a glimpse of the beautiful birthday tea-party set up for one of Elena's friends. I bet Amy will post about it if you want to see!

5. New cable internet service! Good-bye DSL and dropped service (at least we hope)!

Have a great weekend! ~Resa

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