Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Fog... clearing. That is, the newborn-baby-in-the-house-fog. I can make it through a day w/o a nap and the dishes get done almost every day. I've started cooking meals and grocery shopping and even vacuumed the living room yesterday...which reminds me, I sadly need to cancel my Merry Maids bi-weekly floor cleaning. are some recent pictures of our family fun! Enjoy...Resa

Easter Sunday at Chuck & Cheri's. Isn't it funny how the family pictures never quite come out how you imagine? Gotta love it!

"Can I see Zane? Can I see Zane? Can I see Zane?" E & K repeat this over and over, many times a day. "He hasn't changed since the last time you saw him, dears!"

This is all of us at Elena's Birthday party!

Momma and Zane!

Yup, all of us again. This is a Sat. morning after soccer and b-ball games.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Facebook Pictures

Man, if this works, I'm going to be so happy! Here is the link to some new pictures I posted over on Facebook: CLICK HERE.