Friday, November 21, 2008

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Baby Name Poll

Okay, this is cheesy and I don't think I can get it to show up right here, but here's a link to a poll I made up: GIRL BABY NAME POLL

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

More than ordinary...

Today in essence was very ordinary. But sometimes on ordinary days, things more than ordinary occur.

First, my honey stayed home sick from work...very un-ordinary! He slept or rested most of the day and I think was still partially in his jammies at 9 o'clock tonight. As much as anyone likes being home for the day to laul around on the couch...the "not-feeling-so-hot" feeling kinda takes away from the novelty.

Next, we had another new niece born early this morning! Yay! Travis & Kim Eastwood are now parents to three little girls ages 3, 1 & brand new. Cheers to them! Cheri was unsure on the name...Travis called her this morning and he was a understandably a little fuzzy on the phone after a long night. It might be Mayla Lee? But I'll get back to that after I know for sure. (UPDATE: Yes, her name is Mayla Leigh, she was 6# 11 oz. & 19" long...just bright eyed and sweet as can be!)

The kids and I stayed home all day today doing school, playing & housework. Naps were lovely & we went up to church for Bible study tonight. As I think about it, I don't think the kids were at each other's throats with constant bickering...perhaps that's part of the peaceful feeling I have as the day closes.

Oh, oh! And one last thing...I got my new book in the mail that is for the Jane book club at our library that I just discovered started meeting in the evenings rather than the afternoons...I can go now! It's titled "An Assembly Such As This" and is P&P from Darcy's point of view.

What a good day.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Hearts are Healing VI

Nov. 3rd, 9:00 a.m. (Mountain)

Posted Nov 3, 2008 10:59am~by Kori's sister

Kori and I got moved and settled into the transplant house this weekend. It is much better than being confined to a one room motel room. Kori is actually still asleep this morning (I'm about to wake her up) and I'm out in the living room working. This house is actually called "The House of Hope and Healing" and is used mostly by patients waiting for transplants but is also available to others that are dealing with various illnesses. The house use to be a part of Warren Jeffs polygamist compound. It has 6 large bedrooms with private baths, a huge communal kitchen, family room and living room. The house next door was also part of the compound. It is 30,000 sq. ft., with 34 bedrooms and a huge kitchen/living room. The living room alone is 100 sq. ft. by 40 sq. ft. It was also used for awhile as part of the "House for Hope and Healing" but became too expense to keep up and run. I have asked for a tour and plan to take a look before I looks a little creepy from the outside.

Kori and I went to church yesterday with another resident here at the house, George. George is from Louisiana. He had a heart transplant last March and has been recovering here at the house. Recently, he thought he was suffering from a sinus infection, went in to have it check out and found out he now has a tumor behind his eye. He is to have surgery to remove the tumor tomorrow. Please pray for George!

The church George attends here is the Calvary Baptist Church. We were definitely the minority (George is also a black gentleman) but Kori and I both enjoyed the service and they made us feel so welcomed. Kori loved it because she didn't have to read much. In this church they sing a lot and the pastor was a great speaker and delivered a very nice sermon...with a lot of energy!!! Kori said she plans to attend again next weekend.

Kori is doing great! Her attitude and spirit is amazing. She has not complained once, about anything. She did tell one of her doctors (Dr. Selzman), that she was sorry but he would be working during Christmas. She told him she had been through enough and her Christmas present is going to be a NEW HEART. He smiled and said OK.

Kori has said many times how much she appreciates everyone’s love and support!!

If you would like to keep up with Kori's progress, please post your request in the comments and I will email you the log-in info. Thanks, Resa

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Here are my two Halloweeners...Spidey & Hula Dancer girl! Once Kai took off his mask for the night he yelled: "HEY GUYS! I'm Peter Parker now!". It was such a beautiful evening and much fun...our friends, the Frank's, joined us for our subdivision tour and we got TONS of good candy!

This was actually from a few weeks ago...but I thought it was pretty scary too. Daddy had the camera out while getting them ready for bed...silly rabbits!