Wednesday, May 25, 2011

15 Years is a good start!

Eric and I celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary today. After enjoying a fab dinner at V's Italian we're doing the normal thing...he's watching LOST (his soap) and I'm, well, you know what I'm doing.

Love ya babe! Our trip to Italy will certainly be icing on the cake. Or gelato. That might be better anyway!

(Kudos to Seth Jones for the awesome collage! It's perfect!)

We discussed travel plans over dinner...quite exciting! Yesterday I found out that Lisa (my friend & the wife of the other mad scientist that is traveling) and I will potentially have a four hour layover in Paris...woot! woot! I think I'll be googling "what you can cram in in a 4 hour layover in Paris". Do you think there are enough "in's" in that?

Must run...perhaps I'll start writing a bit more now as school wraps up. Perhaps. Blessings!