Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Day 24 - Gratitude

I try to recycle when I can. Not necessarily in the big blue bin, though I do use it, but by reusing items around the house. And really, isn't garage saling one of the most awesome ways to recycle stuff? Anyway, as a note, party cups are not dishwasher safe. At least not these cute polka dot ones I bought for Elena's birthday party. I'm bummed...they were so fun!

Gratitude for Tuesday:

1. Discovery Homeschool Academy! Momma's break, the kiddos enrichment. We all love it! (That's my kindergarten-cutie, Elena, on the homepage banner of their site.)

2. My friends, Amy & Kathy, and our Tuesday afternoon book discussion. We are working through The Good & Beautiful Community by James Bryan Smith. It's a great experience!

3. Time to play with only Zane most of the day...and part of the evening. Play-doh, swinging, sliding, big trucks, was fun. I need so much to focus on him when we have that one-on-one time, though often I do other "stuff" in the relative quiet.

4. Two more days until the homeschool conference! I have my list ready, my sessions picked out and my suitcase packed.

5. Courage to try out a new semi-healthy homemade snack recipe. Homemade Pop Tarts. They are so-so...a little thick on the crust and only one kid would eat them.


Amy said...

I was thinking again today how much I enjoy our book discussions, and all our discussions actually:)

Kelli said...

Awesome Resa! I'm thrilled to find this recipe today. Never, ever thought about making a homemade pop-tart. Duhh, I bought that silly gadget from a Pampered Chef party years ago. We currently use the outer ring as a biscuit cutter. I'm digging the rest out and going to thrill my kids by making these, or something like them. Just last week I avoided buying pop-tarts after showing the kids the amout of suger in them. Yikees! Well, you saved me.

Resa said...

Kelli...let me know how that works! I have that gadget too and thought about trying it with the pop-tarts.