Friday, July 09, 2010

Swimsuit Shopping Anyone?

Did that title strike fear into anyone else's heart? Yikes. Swimsuit shopping with little ones is no fun. Okay, swimsuit shopping is no fun even withOUT little ones along. I was blog surfing a few weeks back and finally was intrigued enough by all the product review/giveaway posts to actually make some comments to enter to win. I spent the evening happily commenting, signing up to follow and otherwise enjoying the time in front of the laptop. Whee! I hope I win this, or this, or this!

The big fish? The swimsuit!! I was comment number 300-something and there ended up being over 600 by the time the contest closed. And I WON!!!! YEEEEEE!

So, no need to go shopping, I simply emailed the sweet gal over at Canadian Natural Mama my choice from the Essential Swimwear online catalog and a few days later my lovely new tankini arrived! It fits nicely, is comfortable and well made, not to mention cute. (That's not me in the picture by the way...just in case you thought I had a sleek and tan model's body--HA). So thanks so much CNM and ES made my day, and I'm really glad I didn't win the cloth baby wipes instead (like I really needed those)!

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Christi said...

Cute! I like, I like!