Monday, October 06, 2008

Hearts are Hurting XIV

Finally, sounds like things are looking a bit better. Praise God for good news!

Oct. 5 7:40 p.m. (Mountain time)

Posted 10 hours ago

I took Marlyn and Kim to the airport yesterday and they both took their laptops with them, so I was without any weapons. Kori was just moved out of ICU to a nice large room with a couch, coffee table, etc. When the nurse in charge was showing Doug and me around the floor, she showed us the library that is close to Kori's room and it has several computers. I'm dangerous again!

Kori is doing very well. She walked about 200 feet this afternoon and sat in a chair for about 3 hours this morning. She is to be walking and doing more physical therapy, but the physical therapy folks says they are spread too thin. Her nurses say they have a problem in getting the required PT for the patients. Some of the nurses are even considering having the Doctors intervene.

Erin Davis is a nurse that is in charge of the Lvad unit and of Kori's care in general. She said that they have never had someone move out of ICU after the open heart surgery to implant the Lvad, as fast as Kori has done. She is much less confused and we can have a regular, normal conversation with her. She realizes that her vision is poor and says that she sees little pieces of things and not the whole picture. But, as soon as I hit the door of her ICU unit this morning, before I spoke to her, she said, "Hi Dad." When Doug came in later, she didn't know he was there until he spoke to her.

Erin also told us if we are able to get a group of people that would come to Salt Lake City to provide care for Kori after she is out of the hospital, they will send a person to Kansas to train a group on the Lvad. Is that great?

I will take Doug to the airport tomorrow. I told Kori she will then be stuck with me. She grudgingly said that will be "ok." I will stay until Doug gets back or Kim might return before Doug gets back. I don't want her here alone. The couch in her room makes into a bed, so I may even stay there a night or two.

Please keep the prayers coming for Kori, Doug and Kourtney.

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