Thursday, October 30, 2008

Baby Stories I

Just having a quiet breakfast this morning (kiddos are eating in the living room watching TV) so thought I'd give a baby update!

Baby E #3 is now 21 weeks along. According to my BabyCenter weekly email, that means he is as long as a carrot?! I think that's funny...are we talking a baby carrot, short and stubby carrot, long Bugs Bunny carrot? Anyway, about 10+" long and weighs almost a pound. She's flipping around and starting to get some good punches and kicks in...Eric and the kids haven't been patient enough to feel her yet, but soon it will probably be a regular occurrence.

We've had a sonogram and just like with the other two, chose not to find out the I'll flip back and forth with the he/she thing.

The name game is fun...we've decided on Zane for a boy and are still up in the air on a girl name. Violet? Amaia? Isabel? I still like unique, but not weird names...and really like definite "girly" names...ya know, nothing that could possibly be a boy name. Any suggestions?

Last week I got the nursery bedding set...using a cute Little Suzy's Zoo theme to redo Kai's Finding Nemo room. The kiddos are moving into Elena's room together after Christmas! I think all we need now are a new crib mattress, window shade & curtains and maybe some Suzy's Zoo things painted or hung on the wall.

Oh, yes, and I'm trying the cloth diapering thing this time around. And, NO, I'm not crazy! I have several friends who do it now and am actually excited about it. I already have some different kinds and am expecting a big package of newborn "fluffy mail" on my doorstep any day now! Here's a picture of the little Kissaluvs that will be on baby's bum. Isn't it so cute? I've ordered a variety of different covers to try...some plain, some with extra cute patterns. I also bought a bunch of what they call "all-in-ones" for my dear husband, (who, by the way, thinks I'm insane) they work just like a covers or stuffing inserts or anything...just velcro them on and go. To top all of this off, there is a huge market for cloth diaper since this is probably the last baby to join our clan, I'll sell these puppies and end up only spending pennies on diapering this time around!

Okay, if I haven't bored you to death with all this baby talk, check back another time and I'm sure I'll have more to chat about!


Susan's Stories said...

Ahhh Res, thanks for the update on baby#3!!! Would love to see some pics of you and the babe, I am sure you have a baby bump going on by now.

Our next door neighbors name is Zaine, and they named followed tradition with their kids with the z's...Zeke and Zoie. Love the name Zane!!! Hmm as far as girly, love all the ones your considering, can't go wrong with those. My fav would be Isabela though, or how about just Bella? Very girly!!

Miss you guys

Kristi Rhine said...

I was going to use Adalia for a girl...but all I got were boys. I think it's an old German name that means "God is my refuge" & "noble one".