Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The Beauty of Friendship II

Ahhh, back to blogging about friends. I got to be with quite a few old friends from college this past weekend and again last night. It's funny how we all think we are still aging going on here, thank you!

Anyway, in this post I am just going to put up a few pictures of special friends in my life. These are all recent pix and so if you're not in here and should be...well, we need to take a picture together!!

This is my dear friend Ang who lives in Washington state. We don't stay in touch as much as we should anymore, but this woman was a HUGE influence on me when I was in college, a new bride and a new Christian. She came back for a whirlwind tour of Kansas a couple weeks ago and we met up at a mutual friend's home. You're just the BESTEST Ang!!! Oof-dah!

Meet my sister-in-law, Chrissy (Eric's sis). This snap is at our sister Randyl's wedding and just before Chrissy had her first baby, Will. Our paths don't cross on a daily basis, but when we're together, it's so nice to just "be" and I guarantee she'll make us laugh about something. I don't think she reads my blog, but just in case...Chrissy, you can thank me later for posting a picture of you nice and pregnant on the internet!

Now this lady is certainly special. We grew up just a runway apart out in Cheney. Her name is Denise (hi girl!) and we've been friends since 4th or 5th grade...I still remember buying her a plastic jewelry box with "Denice" spelled out on it for her birthday. We took this picture at our 15 year class reunion last month. She is also a momma to two munchkins and has a great big, caring heart!

As you can tell, these girls are trouble. It was gals nite out for the Vox Dei ladies and we hit PF Chang's on the Plaza. L to R: Kristi, Marcola, Keri, me, Tisha & Maya (my best friend since childhood). We asked some tourists to take our picture together...they said we should stand in front of the horse statue or something but we said "naaah...this is good"...only to then notice the glaring stop sign in the background. I cropped it best I could. You girls make being a part of the Body of Christ just this much more fun!

Finally, this one is a solo picture of my best friend in the whole wide world (close tie with Eric, of course). I think we met the day she was born, and though she's my sister, I don't think I've ever had a day that I wished she wasn't :) ! She is beautiful inside and out and even though we live three hours apart, door to door, our lives are hopelessly intertwined through the miracle of the phone! One day, someday, we hope to live down the block from one another...or who knows, we may be old widows together and move into a posh retirement apartment complex! For now, the phone is awesome, our kiddos are great friends and we each will be adding one more to our families early next year. I love you lots and lots Jodi!

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