Thursday, October 02, 2008

Hearts are Hurting XII

I'll sum up the latest updates in my own words since I've missed posting a couple.

Kori is now off the ventilator and starting to come around and be more alert. She is having conversations with family and has even been up to sit in a chair. She is still a bit confused and is having some vision issues that are being checked into. The confusion is partially from coming out of the heavy sedation of drugs.

Her family is looking for an apartment for her and Doug to stay in as they wait for a transplant. It is going to cost about $1000/month to rent...and they now think she may have to wait 12-18 months for a heart to match. During that time, she may have to have yet another open heart surgery to replace her current Lvad machine (which has a certain lifespan). Her insurance is covering most of the operation costs and some of the drugs she needs, but it's a bit mind boggling to think of all the expenses this type of procedure will create.

There are several groups of friends organizing fundraisers for the Bigge family. I am helping out with a group of other Pitt Staters. So far we have dates set for a Chili Luncheon (Oct. 26 in Belton, MO...metro KC) and a Bowling Night (Nov. 8 in Cheney, KS). I will post more details about these as I get them and you can always contact me for more info.

Thanks, everyone, for keeping Kori and her family in your hearts and prayers!!!

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