Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Hearts are Healing I

Today's update from Kori's dad was so positive that I've decided to change the titles of my updates...let's pray to keep them on the healing side from now on. Please remember to just send me a comment with your email if you'd like the log in info for Kori's website (again, just don't want to post it out here in the wide open). Thanks for understanding! ~Resa

Oct. 7 5:20 p.m. (Mountain time)

Posted 4 hours ago

Kori has had a good day. She is getting better each day. Just now, 3 Doctors came in to tell her that they can take out the feeding tube. I'm not sure why it took 3 to deliver the message, but that was great news. A pump that removed fluid from her chest was also shut down today. She will continue to have this tube in place, but any fluid will just flow rather than being pumped out. She is just about down to the Lvad tube or will be shortly. She has walked twice today, both times farther than yesterday. She isn't exhausted when her jaunts are finished as she was when she started walking a few days ago. One of the Lvad nurses told Kori yesterday that they will take her on a field trip next week. Her Lvad will be on batteries and the nurse (Erin) said they will be out 4-5 hours and will do anything Kori wants to do. She is recovering at a remarkable pace. I think she has amazed the Doctors and staff.

Her vision still isn't very good. Again, I am still not very patient in that regard. She was able to tell one nurse that she (the nurse) was wearing a dark red top and kacki (sp) pants. Kori thought her vision was about the same today. Another CT scan will be done tomorrow and, hopefully, that will tell a little more. Kori and I are going to watch the debate tonight. Marlyn and I fear that we have failed as parents since she chose to marry a Republican! Doug is bringing her an absentee ballot and I will work on her as much as I can before then, but I think he will have more influence than me.

I've had a really good day, also. One aide asked if I was Kori's brother and another wanted to know if I was Kori's husband. I think they may be from the visually impaired wing of the hospital, but it did make me stand up a little straighter.

Again, thanks to all who have prayed for Kori, Doug and Kourtney and offered encouraging comments. I have said this before, but we can never thank you enough. There are hundreds or maybe even thousands of people that are praying for Kori. Your response has been overwhelming. There are many, many people that are putting together fundraising events to help Kori and Doug with expenses. They maybe be here in Salt Lake for up to 2 years. I hope to have more positive news tomorrow.

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