Friday, October 31, 2008

Hearts are Healing V

Oct. 31st, 10:30 a.m. (Mountain)

Posted 3 hours ago

Hi everyone, Kim here again. Not much to update you on but I just thought I'd share a few things with you.

It is 10:30 a.m. on Friday and Kori is asleep in the bed next to me. She didn't sleep very well last night and was up a few times so we decided to let her sleep in for a little while this morning. We will probably go to lunch around noon and then head to the hospital for physical therapy at 2 p.m. I get excited for therapy too as I also get to workout.

Kori had a good day yesterday. We went to lunch and then the spa. She had her eyebrows waxed, a facial and her hair washed and styled. She said it felt "so good" and told the ladies she'd be seeing them about every couple of weeks for awhile. They are very sweet to her.

Kori and I were talking about her situation and all that has happened to her over the last several months. I told her, her story was made for a tv movie. She said, I know...I'd like Meg Ryan to play me because "I like her hair". Then she said, "Well I probably need someone with more attitude". We both laughed and agreed.

In another conversation we had, Kori said she was "very impressed" with my dad when he was here caring for her. She said he did such a great job and if physical therapy didn't come get her to walk; he'd take her and push her to do it.

She also said Doug did an amazing job and she thinks he deserves an honorary nursing degree. He took very good care of her and she is thankful to have such a great husband. She knows this has been difficult for him and says he basically has two kids to take care of between her and Kourtney.

This will be our last night in the hotel. Kori and I will move into the transplant house tomorrow. Jerry, who owns the home, has volunteered his van and hands to help get her moved.

Again, Kori is very thankful for all your support and prayers.

Happy Halloween!!!!

Oct. 31st, 11:55 a.m. (Mountain)

Posted 2 hours ago

This Kori, typed by Kim. I know Kim just posted an update but we left something out. Kim just showed me pictures of Kourtney that when in the hospital I couldn't see and Doug had to tell me what they looked like. Today I can actually see them. So the roads are no longer safe because I WILL DRIVE AGAIN!!!!! Let's see how many tickets I can get in Salt Lake City.

Have a safe some chocolate for me out of your kids' bags.


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