Monday, October 13, 2008

Hearts are Healing II

I just went and check the updates on Kori after a busy weekend around here. Sounds like she is improving daily! Today she was moved into a rehab room rather than a regular hospital room. Her husband, Doug, and his mom just arrived in Salt Lake for their "turn" to be there with her.

She got to talk to her daughter, Kourtney, on the phone this weekend for the first time since leaving Kansas! Also, she has had more tests regarding her vision and though she is considered legally blind at this point, her dad gave several examples of her seeing things quite well. The doctors do not know if she'll ever be able to drive again, but are hoping for continuing improvement from here on out. Day to day now, she is not spending time in bed, but is either sitting or good news there.

Please continue to pray for Kori and her family. They have expressed their thanks several times on her website for all the prayers, cards and flowers so I'm passing their gratitude on to you.

Visit if you'd like to check out all the fundraising efforts currently in the works.

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