Wednesday, March 02, 2011

In Lieu of a Home Party...

I went in head first and signed on as a consultant! Of course I would do such a thing! It all started when I was surfing around one of my favorite blogs and ran across a post about the beautiful hair clips sold by Lilla Rose. I ordered one, have LOVED it, thought about hosting a party, decided I wanted to order several more for Elena and I plus some for gifts and today (with Eric's okay, of course) I signed on!

(Tutorial for the drop bun at left is HERE)

As a consultant I have my "own" website that friends can use to place orders whenever they want. And there is so much more to browse than just Flexi Clips! Jewelry, hair sticks, lanyards, eyeglass holders...all with an elegant and decidedly feminine appeal. This week is perfect for placing an order as there is free shipping on all orders over $20 through Sunday, March 6! Go's all ready at! I've also started making a Facebook page--ya know, one that you can "like" and all that, but it doesn't have much on it yet.

All in all it seems like a great company to be a part of and Paula, the gal I signed on under, has been really helpful and friendly. At this time I'm not planning on spending a lot of time on this...since it is mainly for my benefit :) if you're a local friend and want to try before you buy just let me know as later this week I will have samples of 5 different Flexi-Clips. And I'm sure I'll host a party sometime or other...but Sara's Thirty-One party and bridesmaid-Bunco night all come first :) ! Later....The Girl with the Dragonfly HairDo

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