Friday, March 25, 2011

Day 25 - Gratitude

My Lenten project is working (yay). I'm starting to really look for God's hand in the blessings around me.

1. The delight in finding a nest of these little guys in our back cute! (Even better was the dream Eric had about it in the middle of last night...he leaped out of bed (as he often does when dreaming of intruders) and yelled "hey there little guy, over this way!" I started laughing & told him there were no baby bunnies in our room to shoo back to the nest...he disagreed for a moment. Okay, he just read this and I am to stand corrected, he was not shooing bunnies, but calling for doggies--he whistled and made the smooch-smooch sound...I had forgotten!)

2. A visit from this little dolly, my niece Mia & her momma Chrissy. She's not so sure about all of us crazy hoodlums though.

3. Two hours, two homes, both much cleaner than before. Kathy & I's cleaning exchange is a major blessing in my life!

4. A decision that ended up being the right one and the relief that went with it.

5. I think the picture explains this one.

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