Saturday, March 19, 2011

Day 30 - Gratitude

Today brought unexpected events. A sick baby, again. Not being able to watch Elena's first soccer game of the season. Minutes turned into hours first scrubbing, then sealing the grout of our kitchen, bath & entry floors. A fun shopping trip alone with Kai. The time now is surely for rest...but first, here are my five things to be grateful for today:

1. Audiobooks...The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten motivation to complete today's work.
2. A kneepad to cushion the hard tile.
3. Good spirits for Zane...hopefully this time around he is truly well.
4. Fresh nodding daffodils, dripping with raindrops, in front of our home.
5. The glisten in Elena & Kai's eyes as they recount their fun on the soccer fields.

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