Saturday, March 26, 2011

Day 23 - Gratitude

Indeed, I am blessed. Overall today, I am thankful for a sense of humor in the everyday.

1. The opportunity to learn how to use the shop vac in "wet" mode. (I wondered when my good friend had switched to liquid dishwasher detergent...she always uses powder, but I asked to borrow some and in good faith squirted in a whole cupful...of Dawn. Still not sure how to fix this mess...but it's good for a few laughs before bed...and so glad I didn't turn it on and crawl under the covers!)

2. A great visit from Eric's Dad & Charla...I'm thankful for them being willing to drive up to visit for the kids' birthdays & for taking the chance on my recipe experiments!

3. Almost 8-year-old's craft projects.

4. What is it Zane? Oh, yes, we can be thankful for...

...a springtime snowstorm! Sorry buddy, no "I pay ou-side!" today.

5. The open-door button of my van key remote when hurrying through bitter wind in no coat with arms full of groceries at Price Chopper. (I had to really think hard about what I was thankful for in that moment :) ! )

Blessings to you!

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