Thursday, February 03, 2011

Happily Laundry After!

14 loads and counting in the new laundry room. It's currently functional, soon to be marvelous. Remember where we started out?

Cramped into the tiny room off our half bath, which is off our kitchen. Up to about 8 weeks ago, I'd never really thought moving or changing this space was in the cards.

But there goes my washer, up, up, up the stairs! (Thanks for helping Vince!)

I know they are not talking about laundry...probably disc golf.

Where once was just a wall with some artwork, now you see this from our entryway:

Behind door number 1:

It's a brand new washer and dryer! No, not really.

And behind door number 2:

Well, I knew I bought this table on sale for some good reason! It will do until we build the countertop with a hanging bar underneath. Maria came up with the idea to hang clothes under the table, rather than along the side wall which would have blocked the walking path. Yay for friends who have organizing "thoughts"!

This corner will have built-in shelves for supplies and maybe some kind of bin system for sorting clothes. The roller cart is working for now...I've had that thing since college and it hasn't served any useful purpose for several's feels loved right now!

And look at all that "extra" space. I probably should have moved my sewing table up there today...but I've been reading blogs about remodeling. Sigh. Guess what's next?

Yup, gotta fix the old room! We tore into the walls to move the water lines and electric wires. Those patches have to be sanded, mudded again and then I'll paint the whole room the same pretty aqua that's in the new room. There are shelves to build, furniture to move in, kitchen cabinets to will be our kitchen overflow pantry/storage room. Then the real fun begins in the kitchen...but we're going to take a break first!

By the way--Eric, thanks for tackling this really are awesome at making our home more functional and more beautiful, I love the new room!


Tea Girl said...

Amazing--what great spaces you all have created!!

Mary Q Contrarie said...

You could use that extra space to add a clothes drying rack. It is amazing how much $ can be saved by simply air drying. Then you would have more money for remodeling that other space. It looks like it has lots of potential.