Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Grandma Ruthie's Birthday

My Grandmother's birthday is today. She was born in 1927...and would have turned 84. This photo was taken on her 80th--the last birthday party she enjoyed on this earth. She was a funny duck...if I remember correctly, she even slipped out and left this party early so she wouldn't have to drive home in the dark...or to watch football...I can't remember which!

But it's amazing to me how many ways she lives on in our lives. So many little sayings that just come as easy as breathing in and out are followed by me reminding my children "you know who always said this?" or "that's straight from Grandma Ruth!". "Booty Ma'amer" is the most used means it's darn tootin' cold outside and I guess it started when I was visiting her one winter...younger than my little Zane and called her Ma'amer. I keep lists like her, I wear her jewelry regularly, my purse is compartmentalized just like she kept hers and when I remember, I grab her bowling shoes to slip on when we go. I've even been tempted to by some warm and fuzzy snow boots like she loved...but am not sure I'd wear them with my sweatpants.

Last week we were out visiting family in Wichita and one of my cousins that came to the annual "Snook Bowling Christmas" surprised me by a line of questioning that sounded like it came straight from Grandma's mouth. She was a little shocked when I told her that was just what Ruthie always would ask me! Later that night, my sister commented on how she noticed that very same cousin with identical mannerisms to Grandma...I shared my story and we laughed--not at our cousin, but at how much you just never know where the essence of our Grandma is going to show up!

On the day after Thanksgiving, I went out for some mega-shopping. I'd gone at midnight with a friend to get some deals, but then again super-early on my own. Every store I entered was filled with groups of people, mostly women, looking similar, laughing, enjoying the time just being together. I felt the twang of moments lost. I'm not near my mom or my sisters so some days my heart twists just a bit at the longing for sharing those times with them. On my 20 minute drive up to another shopping area the tears came. Sometimes I'm really lonely. Yes, even surrounded by friends at every corner, that emptiness can creep in and settle for a bit. I had the radio on, tuned to KLOVE with Christmasy tunes one after another. The DJ spoke: "Isn't it wonderful that because of our great Savior we can truly say that everyday is Thanksgiving". I stopped and marveled. Grandma Ruth said that "everyday is .... Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, your Birthday" all the time! So much that it would actually get annoying and I remember replying to her on more than one occasion that NO, it is not everyday, Grandma!

Ahh, Ruthie, speaking to me even through the radio...telling me to dry those tears and be glad for where I am now. And I am glad that she is still here, living on in my heart, while truly living in the presence of the King. Happy Birthday Grandma...I'll be listening. Love, Resa Ruth


Tea Girl said...

Such a dear post. By the way, you spread sunshine wherever you go:)

Resa said...

Thank you Tea Girl. I've found lately that if I'm a bit blue I go and read my friend Amy's's heartwarming! You should check it out sometime ;)