Saturday, January 22, 2011

Not Mad Dog Hill...

We were hoping to go tackle the infamous "Mad Dog Hill" in Belton yesterday with our friends, the Thomases. But alas, just like something I would do (according to Eric) Kathy brought every stitch of snow gear possible and left her sleds at home! So over to their house we went...and got to try out the very fine sledding hill right across from their backyard!

This is the first "in-the-snow" experience for baby Zane. I think he was toast by the time the above group shot was taken! Okay, maybe he was toast from the was just a balmy 17 degrees.

Kai is fearless (surprise, surprise)!

And Elena-bug loves anything remotely in the fun catergory!

Luckily, I was the one with the camera and did not get on the other side of the lens. Kathy, on the other hand...

We really had a great time with the kiddos and took them out for lunch at Pizza Shoppe afterward! Just another reason homeschooling rocks...with school done by 10 a.m. the sledding hills are all to ourselves!

Today there was more snow action in our front yard with the neighbor kids. Forts and snowballs to go along with a clowny snowman. Elena and Caden were out there for at least two hours solid! Three more inches tomorrow and maybe we'll make it over to Mad Dog Hill this week.

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