Monday, January 24, 2011

Our Resident Poet

Poetry is one of the most delightful subjects in our homeschool. I have always been a fan of verses especially for children and the kiddos are learning to enjoy little ditties here and there. This year we've focused on Robert Frost, which seems to be some of Kai's inspiration here...we just read "The Pasture" last week and today we studied a photograph of a lonely pony out on a mountainside. I suppose it's hard to tell with a Kindergartner! Kai would like to be a veterinarian when he grows up, but his start in poetry isn't half bad:

The Horse Wind
by Kai Eastwood, age 5

While the wind goes by
Everybody cheers
for the great wind of the horses

The horses and the darkness of of the night
And while it goes by the wind blows on them.
Their tails wish in the wind
And the gates go by.

As it goes--
The defending of the horses
is the night of the wind.

And poem #2 (actually written last week):

The Fielders
by Kai Eastwood, age 5

Out in the trees the wind blows.
The wind blows when the tree goes.
And out in the light the darkness comes.

And in the darkness the bats come.
And out in the field
You see the cornstalk grow.

There are millions of cornstalks to grow.
The horses that ride in the deep end
Out in the fields where everything grows.


Megan said...

Those are delightful!

Tea Girl said...

That picture is so Kai! Love it. And, he's an amazing poet. Wow.