Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Snow Much Fun!

We are in the midst of our second snowstorm of the winter...yea! 5"-7" are expected to fall here in the next 24 hours and we are hunkered down here at our nice and cozy warm home. Actually, yesterday we had a brand-spankin' new furnace installed...complete with a whole-house humidifier.

Our poor snowman (from our first storm) evidently needs some "HELP!" This is from the creative minds of children who read too much Calvin & Hobbes!

The laundry room relocation is coming along. Eric is taking a day of vacation tomorrow in order to work mudding and taping the drywall. I have paint colors picked out and am ready for action!

I purchased all the tile yesterday and will be ready to stick it down as soon as the drywall mess is finished. We're kind of on borrowed time as our washer has been unhooked since Saturday...just 4 days, but in an almost all-cloth household the timer is seemingly ticking loudly. I keep telling the kids to use extra fast-food napkins instead of our normal cloth ones...they don't get it. Zane, on the other hand, likes his paper diapers with pictures of "Minna-minna Mouche" (Mickey & Minnie) on the front.

Speaking of laundry, my new book came in the mail yesterday! I'm so excited to delve into it...Large Family Logistics is the title. Although I don't have a "large" family per se, I figure anything I can glean from a momma with nine children can help me out with my household of 5 plus two frogs. I've already read a little and it's great...the first chapter was about becoming a wise woman (a Proverbs 31 woman, no less) and can't we all use a little more wisdom? Her writing style is friendly, readable and practical. I have great expectations!

It seems most gals out here in blog-land are adopting theme words or mottos for 2011. I've yet to come up with just the right one to fit moi, but I'm leaning towards "work". Yup. Work. My sister Jodi is very encouraging and has found some great online resources geared toward helping us be better women, wives and mommas.

Our favorite so far is Kat over at Inspired to Action. Her whole site is dedicated to giving moms practical, Godly advice, and believe me, I need it! The first thing she recommends? Getting up early. Oh, boy, here it goes again! I had the best several weeks of motherhood EVER when I did that last year. But I am lazy. (See why that theme word might be the winner?) Anyway, I've been up around 6:30 a.m. everyday since Sunday--Jo and I are giving each other a gentle wake up call. Of course, God has had both of us laying in bed awake waiting for the alarm every morning since we started...I love it when He gets funny.

I'm so thankful for all the women who take the time to keep a blog like Kat's. Full of mission and ideas to share. I really have learned so much from people around the world for everything from homeschooling to tips for vacations to what to cook for dinner to how to color my hair. And it makes me laugh at my own mish-mash of topics. I almost want to start a revolution with some grand and wonderful blog...but then it just wouldn't be little bits of my life would it? Blessings! Resa


Tea Girl said...

That snowman cracked me up! I love your tidbits of this and that, Resa:) Excited to see the finished laundry room!

Anonymous said...


I just saw your blogspot link at the end of your email, so I clicked and was immediately amused & intrigued at your creative 'Resa's Pieces' Headliner :) I'm not a blogger & haven't really paid much attention to anyone's before. But I think the friendly, 'home-maker' flair of yours kept me scrolling. So, I just thought I'd at least say I think your little blog page is adorably cute! & I love the connection & support to other Mommas, with encouraging ideas, thoughts, mistakes.... Glad you're part of our little community & hope to know you better in the future (thru real life 'adventures' & not just FB or blogspot overviews.....although these things definitely possess an element of fun :)
~Bless u.
~~amanda foust~~

Resa said...

Thanks "snow" much Amanda! This space is my much needed creative outlet and refuge...and my excuse for not making wonderfully fabulous scrapbooks! I hope my ramblings make you smile!