Wednesday, December 29, 2010

This is the way we wash our clothes...

"We're going to redo our kitchen." Yup, saved the best for last. Really, we've done something to about every inch of this house...including the kitchen floor...but what was really needed from the beginning (9 YEARS ago-gasp!) was a new kitchen sink! So Monday we started building a new laundry room.

What? Well, our laundry room is off the kitchen--through the half bathroom--and my lovely friend Kathy happened to remark that the only space we have to make the kitchen larger (w/o moving the entire back wall of the house) is into the laundry room. Ah-ha! This cramped, tiny little room has been a workhorse and could be much worse...but it will be even better as a walk-in pantry/utility room!

So Eric and I had been wanting to peer into the attic space along the upstairs hallway that connects the master bedroom and Elena's room to see what we had back there. He cut a lovely chunk of drywall out:

And this is what we saw...perfect! Well, almost...there are some tricky spots, but it will work!

Travis, Eric's brother offered to come help this Monday...and believe me, you don't turn that man down on an offer of help...he knows what he's doing and works hard! That's him standing in our hallway that is about to have a huge hole cut into it.

He brought the whole family, so me and the kids got to play with all four of their girlies and my sis-in-law Kim for the day!

Time for snacks in the jump-o-line!

Yup, that's a hole.

Kai got to help move up the subfloor. He got those worker gloves with his tool set for Christmas...he's so excited. Let me find a picture real quick.

He's so stinkin' cute!

So, the guys got the subfloor in after spending HOURS rerouting electrical wire then the roof support wall framed. The wiring job was wild. Evidently our builder just strung things this way and that...and all of it was right across this area.

Yesterday, before disc golf of course, Eric framed up the entryway which will eventually have double beveled hinged doors. The washer and dryer will sit right behind the doors with just enough room for access to the left and right for storage, a loooong counter or folding table and maybe a craft nook for me (if I can squeeze it in).

And last night I got to help put in insulation along the roof. Wow, that makes it sound easy.

So there she waits...framing the ceiling is up next, then he'll start hanging drywall and we'll get a plumber in to move the water lines and drain.

I mean, really, who wants to just sit around during Christmas break? May as well start a huge project that will lead to another huge-er project! Just wouldn't be our home without it!


Tea Girl said...

I am in awe! What an incredible project. Can't wait to see the results.

Christi said...

That's AWESOME!!! Be thankful you have a husband who can accomplish such wonderful projects. :)