Saturday, January 15, 2011

Awww, not the bread sacks!!

We took our kids, plus a couple extras in the form of my sweet nieces, sledding yesterday. It was much fun and even little Stella managed to tromp up and down the big hills. Everyone stayed cozy warm in layers of snow pants, mittens, stocking caps and boots.

Ah, boots. I do not own official snow boots. I have my pretty brown suede fuzzy (Ugg-ish) boots with embroidered flowers or two different pairs of high heeled leather-ish designs to choose from. Hmmm...guess it has to be the fuzzys. They were okay for a bit, but then they of course got wet and my piggys were a bit chilled. In comparison with my past snow life, however, they were fabulous!

When Jodi and I were about 9-15 years old, I suppose, we lived out in the country near our small hometown just west of Wichita. We did not have boots. We had tennies though, so anytime it was snowing Mom or Grandma would say "Here are the bread sacks!!" Oh, jeez. The bread sacks. Slipped over your tennis shoes and afixed to the leg of your jeans with a rubber band, the slippery plastic was our only choice to avoid soaked socks and frozen toes. Sure, we had lots of friends sporting their moon boots, all nice and cozy tromping through the drifts, but us? Yeah, we would pull those sacks off our feet before the bus picked us up and stash them in the bushes next to the fence at the end of our drive.

Turns out there were other bread sack wearers in our midst...notably Jodi's husband, Nate...and we never knew until laughing about it later. I do believe I will continue to keep garage saling for our snow boot selection so my kiddos never have to don the things...though I do occasionally have a stash of bread sacks on hand...just in case!


Tea Girl said...

Oh my goodness--I wore the bread sacks too! I'd completely forgotten about that. The things you block out sometimes. . . .

Christi said...

It's hard to keep all these kids in snow boots! Both my big kids had to cram their feet into boots that were too small. What do you do? Guess I'd better get on the hunt for some, preferbally a size or two big, so they can wear them next year. Though, both of them SKIPPED a size this summer. We went from flip flops to OUCH those don't fit, Mom!! Craziness. Enjoyed the bread sack story, though. Will keep that in mind. :)