Thursday, January 27, 2011

It's Getting Closer....

Closer to wash day, that is!! Today is day 12 without a washing machine and believe it or not, we all still have clean undies! At Bunco Monday night my girlfriends asked if I'd hit the laundromat yet...and funny thing is it hadn't even crossed my mind that that was an option. I think after 9 1/2 years of going to the laundromat before owning our own home, my brain decided to hit the delete button on loading clothes baskets into the car (or pulling them down flights of stairs and across the courtyard in a one-wheeled giant trash barrel as it may have been).

Anyways, here are my pretty gallons of paint! the light turquoise or "Meadow Mist" as Valspar (this was our first time using this brand & not sure we'll use it again) has named it. The light color is called basket and is a rich cream with yellow undertones. I looove new paint! After painting every room in our home almost twice, I'm not as enthusiastic about the actual painting these days, but I've still got skills and can cut in with a brush alone quite nicely, thank you very much! Every time I'm on the step stool carefully painting the line next to the ceiling I think of Matt from HGTV's Room by Room...I watched almost every episode of that show for 5 years when we lived in married student housing at UT and he totally taught me tons of painting tricks! This is a picture of all of us priming...the kiddos love to help paint!

And here it is. Shades of aqua are my favorite colors, but my home is mostly painted with warm tones of green and yellow, so blues don't go with the flow so well.

Therefore, we added it on the wall that you can't see from the hall, but that will give me great joy when I go in to work on the dreaded piles. Eric worked on the floor last night...the same easy peel and stick tiles that we laid in our upstairs bath. He'll finish that tonight, try to hook up the electric outlets tomorrow and maybe, just maybe, we'll be ready to roll on Saturday! Finishing touches like all the trim, shelving, racks etc. can be added as time goes.

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Tea Girl said...

Love the color and the space! Happy return to roomier laundry moments soon:)