Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Word on the Street

Almost the end of January, but I finally have it! My theme word for the year! It seems to be the thing to do out here in blog-land so I decided to jump on the bandwagon (thank you Amy, Megan & many others).

If you've read my earlier post, you'll know I was tossing around the word "work". Ugh. That really didn't sound like much fun and I wanted to at least inspire myself when I saw my word posted here and there. So I prayed some more about it and today it came to me. I was valiantly searching my house for the bag of chore magnets that go to one of our kid chore charts...remodeling does not go well with "everything in it's place" as the places have to change!! Anyway, while digging around I caught a glimpse of the cool sign that my dear friend Maria gave me for my birthday a couple years ago. It simply says "GROW".

Grow. That is what I need to do. In order to do it? I must set goals. I must trust God to help me change. I must nurture my life rather than let it pass by. Yes, I must work. But I can work. I can start small and grow bit by bit. At the end of the year? Perhaps a gentler and quieter spirit? Perhaps I will love others more than today? Perhaps I will know right where that bag of magnets can be found!

Meanwhile...I went to the "Tea with Jane Austen" this afternoon at the Lee's Summit library with a few great friends. Unfortunately, Jane couldn't make it, but the ladies from JASNA added the perfect in full costume! I didn't grab Sandra in time for a picture but here are (from L to R) Kathy, Amy, Megan & me after an enjoyable teatime!


Tea Girl said...

Love your GROW word/theme! You're always inspiring me to grow, so I'm in for even more inspiration now. Wow! Also, thankful you shared about the library event. What a great, growing time:)

Megan said...

What a great word! I love that idea of nurturing life and what better way to begin than tea time!