Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunday Funnies

I have taught preschool Sunday School for ages and love it! My favorite thing over the years has been the funny things they say. I really should keep a notebook...maybe I'll start after today. So this morning we were talking about how God takes care of us, the animals, the flowers etc. during our Bible storytime. Enter the comments:

"My shirt has red AND black AND grey!"

"Mine is a rainbow!"

"I have an owie right here."

"I have a cat and he puked on the living room carpet this morning!"

"Do you think this is a scab or just a bug bite?"

The cat puke threw us, I told the little boy that was gross, but thanks for sharing. Eric is snorkeling over by the counter, trying to smother his guffaws, and I just keep on just never know what's on their precious little minds! Love it!

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