Monday, September 20, 2010

The Great Henna Experiment - Part 1

Since I've only been talking about using henna to dye my hair for what? One, two years now? I decided it was high time to take the plunge. Sounds like the makings of a fun blog series for the day, eh?

I ordered my body art quality henna from Tap Dancing Lizard over at Henna for Hair .com a couple weeks ago. I bought the bulk pack of what is supposed to be the least intense colored kind of the stuff. Bulk because I think I'll want to do it again and my sister is game to try it too...with our mops it's going to take a lot of leaves!

So here's the line up:

Lemon juice (bottled for ease and no pulp), my box of henna, and some cheap-o conditioner to assist in rinsing it out.

I have walking inspiration around my house...check out the luscious set of auburn locks my dear Kai-boy was blessed with:

I'm expecting a few shades lighter, maybe more of a strawberry for my results.

This is what henna looks like straight out of the's the ground leaves of the henna plant, in case you're wondering and that is 200g's.

Added 2 cups of bottled lemon juice and began to stir...going for yogurt-like consistency. Gross! I told everybody it was the glaze for last night's pot roast and they all gagged!

Also put in 1/2 cup of water which I'm sure would be better off distilled or something, but it's tap:
And that's it for now...I mixed it up yesterday afternoon and it needs to sit until the dye releases, probably about 24 hours. I'm really not sure what I'm looking for...better do some more research. Next up will be the strand test...oh and some DrPepper for the afternoon as it's going to be a long night!

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