Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Great Henna Experiment - Part 6

Well, here goes the oxidation process. Technically, the lawsone molecule is binding with the keratin molecules on my strands...whatever, I am not the chemist of the household! LOL. It's definitely deepening in color to more of an auburn from the copper, which is a good thing!

After 24 hours:

Same with no flash, "Like, what is THIS?!" (That reminds me of when I got quoted in the Wichita Eagle in high school after our small town 3A basketball team played a 6A city team saying it was "Like, wow!" Betcha can't guess what I was!)

After almost 48 hours in the setting sun...just a few minutes ago. Please excuse the baby boy clad in only a dipe...just getting ready for a bath.
I think I like it, just was expecting something less dramatic. It's another night with Eric out of town so I've got to go run the hoodlums...something is going on in the kitchen besides "family kitchen cleanup"...I see fly swatters, pvc pipe and yard sticks are involved so I better get!

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Caroline Martin said...

Love the color. I think the darker reddish tones suit you better.