Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Chunk O'Love

Zane baby is 18 months old now! The little stinker melts my heart over and over every day. He is VERY opinionated and passionate about what's going on in his little life...but has yet to translate much of that to the tune of English (right, Joy?). Lots of signs and constant "uhs?!" - ugh!

Anyway, he is learning to use the potty and I guess my other two just weren't the chunky-monkies that Z-baby is...the boy is too big for our 2 potty chairs! We're talking thick ol' belly and thighs that make him sit way too far forward for there to be any chance of a successful "tuck and sit" if ya know what I mean! The first time he did it...ew, all over the chair, the floor, and me. Lovely.

So we were dawdling around Target yesterday and ran across the potty chair isle! Here's a picture of his cute new froggie seat. He seems to love it, and he fits! Yay!

You can also see how fun it is to be doing this with an 18 month old. Not so good when it was that 1/4 of a roll and one more upstairs left in the whole house. No worries, though, we were back at Target again today!

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