Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Great Henna Experiment - Part 5

And, this, my friends, is red hair. Y'all love Lucy, right? Supposedly this is what she used when she could get it imported from Egypt.

I do think there were some sections that didn't get completely covered...the paste was so thick it was hard to tell by myself. And getting it rinsed out was interesting...let's just say no camera allowed. But I think my natural color was strawberry enough that those strands will blend in just fine.

For now, it's good-night...I'll take some more pix as the copper tones down over the next few days. Fingers-crossed!


Hether said...

The color looks good! Can't wait to see you in person. I keep thinking of the story you told me about cutting all your hair off once while Eric was out of town (or something close to that). Now that he is away again you change the color. He should be happy, it looks good and you still have all that beautiful hair.

Jodien said...

I love it! I think I am game for some in Oct :)

Charla Eastwood said...

I like it, too!

Anonymous said...

It is beautiful!!!