Saturday, September 18, 2010

Great Midwest Balloon Fest

Whee! With Eric out of town, I decided to load up the kids for a Fabulous Fun Friday Adventure! A friend had posted the Great Midwest Balloon Fest on FB (thanks Jaime!) so off we went.

It was a bit comical loading all our stuff on the stroller through the parking lot (i.e. field) and down the huge hill to the viewing area. But our little camp was just right.

We arrived early, around 4:30 p.m. and enjoyed walking around all the fun things like jumping in the bouncy-deal, foot-long corndogs, smoothies and sno-cones! Because of the high winds, the mass launch didn't start until about 6:30, but it was soooo coool!

Later, we went down the field a bit to be close enough to see the baskets and burners.

At nightfall the Glo started! The ballooners were back to the field from the earlier launch and this time were tied down and would light their burners turning the balloons into giant beautiful light bulbs! The crowd would count-down 5-4-3-2-1-GLO! Really fun! We also enjoyed the live bands for awhile...then it was time to head on home.

We were grubby and tired, but our glo necklaces kept everyone entertained as we made the long trek back to the van...this time UP the giant hill with the loaded stroller. HA! Two guys saw me stuck at half-way, hollering for Elena and Kai to come help push and they came to lift us up the rest of the way...shew! It was a head over there tonight or tomorrow if you get a's the link for times and info: Great Midwest Balloon Fest.

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