Monday, April 26, 2010

A Week in the Life~Monday

Just another manic Monday around here! It was a field trip that means distractions are #1 while still at home. Nevertheless, we managed to do part of our normal Monday morning routine starting with the "home blessing". That term comes from Fly Lady...we don't clean around here, we "bless" our home instead! So trash out, tables cleared and floors picked up from our crazy weekend. I even swept and mopped while the kiddos ran outside to ride bikes a bit and Zane took a little morning snooze. Done just in time to pack quick lunches and head out to Savanahland Educational Park out in Pleasant Hill.

Savanahland a private exotic animal zoo/farm that we've seen many times in passing as it is right next to Pleasant Hill park where we play disc golf. Okay, where Eric plays disc golf. I have played it a couple times, but mostly hang out at the playground with the kiddos. We would often wonder what kind of monkeys were hootin' around back in the park...and now we know!

One of the Discovery Homeschool Academy mommas organizes great field trips and this was one of them. I'm guessing we had close to 60 people come out today. We first ate lunch in a nice little pavilion with some animal babies to love on. Elena and Kai both got to hold the baby wallaby and pet some kind of tail-less puppy. We just kept an eye on the busy baby monkey (complete with diaper) who was running around. There were also caged bunnies, a baby armadillo, guinea pig, some birds by the picnic tables and more tiny monkeys in the bathroom!

The man who runs the park then took us on a tour...I kept towards the back of the crowd with Zane (we were in a smaller group of about 25) but missed out on a lot of the info he was sharing. I did catch snippets like "I brought these hyenas on Jay Leno when they were pups" and "oh, again, I just had to have this kind of monkey for my collection". He also talked a lot about "animal people". I don't know how he makes his money, but money it must take to feed all that menagerie! Elena and Kai were front and center and loved every bit! Elena almost even got kissed by the camel. The picture is my two with their buddies Aidan and Ian and some kangaroos in the background.

Once back home, Elena wrote in her journal and drew a picture about her favorite experience for the day. My Kai boy's "legs were tired" so he just laid on the couch for a while. I put Zane down for his nap and decided this nice cloudy day was a good one for me to do the same. I let the kids start a movie and I crashed up in my own cozy bed!

When I got up, the movie credits were about to roll and it was time to start dinner. Once it was in the oven, I read to the kids from On the Banks of Plum Creek (the third Little House book we've read together this school year) while Elena played with her brand-new Barbie head (thanks Grandpa!). Eric got home from playing disc golf, we had dinner, he found another dead vole that the traps caught (insert much excitement!), I bathed Zane, gave kisses and headed out the door sporting a nice side-pony for 80's night at Bunco.

Whew! Sure glad for that nap and now way ready for a good night's sleep!

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Parkwood Stories... said...

Loving these diary posts! The monkey's in the bathroom had me cracking up out loud---all I can think is EEEK! Such a fun glimpse at your "faithful" life. :)