Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Week in the Life ~ Tuesday

Tuesdays are two things around here...first, they are our running day, since we have to take Elena to Discovery. Second, they are Momma and the boys' day!

Up and out the door by 8:30 is a bit crazy, and I always think THIS week is going to be the week we leave at my target of 8:20. It's 8:33 when I back the van out of the drive...almost without fail. Oh well, she gets there just in time.

Discovery Homeschool Academy is one of my favorite things (Elena's too)! It's an enrichment program that equates to one full day at a private school doing all the subjects & specials that we don't do on a regular basis at home. She has Spanish, art, music, science, social studies and P.E. Not to mention all the fun stuff, like field day coming up next week and her spring concert and book fair the next. The staff and teachers are AWESOME! They all love Jesus and it shows in their attitudes and the work that comes out through the teachings.

So, we dropped her off and headed straight home today, since any detours always end up elongated and us running home just in time for lunch. It was so nice to just to come home...I switched over the laundry (Tuesday is for towels) and worked in the kitchen a bit. Zane was ready for a nap by 9:30 so down he went. Kai and I decided it would be a good time to go outside and explore.

First we checked out our robins' nest. They added another egg! Then we blew some bubbles and checked on the gardens. My north-side bed is my least favorite year by year. I really need to get some more hard line landscaping going back here...meaning some bushes or something that doesn't die down every winter. But this time of year it's coming along.

Our vegetable gardens are not. Little bits of spinach and peas are all that have started. I don't know what happened to my lettuce this year. Perhaps too hot the week they were trying to sprout. Or perhaps I need new seeds...I store mine and they are 3-4? years old. They were fine in the fall...who knows!

Kai is now a crazy man on his bike, so we went on a "walk"...otherwise known as a ride with Momma trying to keep up. His little legs go so fast it's a wonder he doesn't loose control!

I went inside and blogged more about our San Francisco vacation...though I was planning on reading...oh well, it sucked me in!

Zane slept until lunch (he's getting over an ear infection) so we decided to go shop for cabinet hardware right after we ate and before picking up Sissy. Eric is building three huge cabinets/bookcases for our office/school room and living room. They are all done and ready to be finished...we just need to pick out the stain, find someone to spray them with poly and purchase hardware. I'm really drooling and can't wait to organize all our school stuff and shut the doors!

We make it to the car line by 2:45 and head home just after 3. On our way through the back roads of Raytown I have to stop the car. LOOK!
Oh, now is that not too cute! We were all so excited...I even let the kids get unstrapped from their seats to lean out the window and watch them waddle away.
We stopped at another hardware store to shop some more. Elena didn't want to get out. She was sobbing. Somewhere between the ducks and Home Depot she realized that her cousin wouldn't be able to come to her concert and decided it wasn't fair that we couldn't pack up our house and move to Wichita tomorrow. The crying continued on and off until bedtime. (I told you there was drama).

Anyway, we made it to Sonic just in time for the end of Happy Hour, got our yummy drinks and went home. Eric had called to tell me he "had" to go witness a coworker's tryout for Corporate Challenge disc golf. So that meant he would play too and I needed to take Kai boy to t-ball. (I'm getting tired just writing out everything we did...sheesh!) Eric is also leaving in the morning for CA, so when I pulled in and noticed the extra long grass growing in the yard I knew that he wouldn't be able to mow it before he leaves.

And so begins the tale of things Resa does NOT do. I don't mow. I don't sit at boring t-ball practices. I don't deal with dead voles. But today I mowed the front yard before taking Kai to t-ball, and thankfully, I didn't find any dead voles in the traps. And I survived. Elena said, "Wow Mom, you can mow? Dad's going to think you ordered someone to come do it!" At least the kids got a big kick out of it. When Eric pulled in he had that same astonishment in his voice..."YOU mowed my lawn?!!"

We invited some friends at t-ball over to join us for the kiddos all ran and played the whole night. By the time they left it was bedtime. And that's all she wrote. I didn't do my dishes (shame, shame), and I didn't even blog this because I was so tired I could hardly see straight. A nice hot shower and some time on the couch with my love and the day was done. It's Wednesday morning now...and I still have dishes to do, but they'll always be around, won't they?

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