Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Talking Babies!

I love babies who talk before they talk!

Zane signing "fish" (smacking his lips) at the Deanna Rose goldfish pond.

During the last week or so Zane's "baby signs" have really taken's "clicked" in his head and he is so excited to tell us whatever is on his mind! Today we went into Elena's piano teacher's home (Kai always has to use the bathroom...every week...may have something to do with her candy dish)...anyway, she has kitties and so the first thing Zane did when we walked in was to sign "kitty" while he was looking around. They were hiding though. He also learned "Daddy" today...yay!

Now, you've probably heard of teaching little ones to sign "more" "please" "all done" etc. But, of course, I have to go overboard and teach

Elena signing "juice" while I was trying to take some portraits of her.

my babies all kinds of help words plus many animal signs. I kept track and I think Elena knew close to 50 before her words spilled...I'll have to find my list. It's so fun!

Baby Signs by Linda Acredolo & Susan Goodwyn
was the first book I read on the subject back in '02 or so when I was expecting Elena. Since then books, videos, classes, and even flashcards have flooded the market. Man, should have got in on that. Anyway, it's actually very simple to teach babies to sign since there are probably lots they do anyway...ya know, bye-bye, phone, pointing. Here is Zane signing "phone" while holding a walkie-talkie.

And to me, the best thing it the 'uh-uh-uh' and other whining is kept minimal by giving them a tool to communicate before they are physiologically capable of forming words. Here is Zane's list at 13 months: kitty, pig, fish, frog, doggie, duck, birdie, phone, flower, more, cheerios, all done, milk, please, Daddy, and his favorite: EAT!

Okay, so I couldn't quickly find a photo of little Kai signing...but here he is showing me all the mud he got into while I was on the phone with my Aunt Cle. Little stinker.

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Linda said...

Loved seeing your photos and reading your reflections about signing with your little ones! Thanks for your help in spreading the word about the benefits (and fun!) of signing with babies.

Linda Easton
Baby Signs, Inc.