Friday, April 30, 2010

A Week in the Life ~ FFF

FFF ~ That's FABULOUS FUN FRIDAY for those of you not living at our house! I tell ya, I set myself up for things...if it's Friday around here and something isn't fabulous, I hear about it! Well, two kids still in bed at 8 a.m. was fabulous enough for me, so I took it and figured the rest of the day would fall into place one way or the other.

It was a dark and rainy morning so a bowl of oatmeal for everyone at breakfast was ideal. Oh, yes, and to start off the fabulousness we watched the rest of Idol Gives Back...just to see who went home, and of course they went over on time so the DVR cut off before they announced the loser. Sigh. (I started the next episode so we could at least satisfy our curiosity!)

Then somehow Elena was in trouble before we even got started with school so I started my own project while she spent some time cleaning her room (my new favorite consequence for bad behavior!).

Our brick hearth is a major danger to toddlers. When Lena-bug was that age I shopped around for protective edging and found it all to be ugly and expensive, not to mention that it required using heavy-duty adhesive on our bricks. So, instead, I went and bought some hi-density foam, batting and some clearance fabric...wah-lah! Zane's been making us nervous around the fireplace lately so it was time to bring it back out of the attic for re-installation:

First the long foam pieces, one on top and one against the front. Kai liked that I used the electric knife to cut a place for the fire screen (we didn't used to have this one). Actually, I need to make sure I put that knife away....yup, still sitting in the living room at 9:40 p.m....bad Momma. At least it was unplugged. (Thank you Jesus for protecting my babies in my absence of mind).

Batting over the foam, tucked in as much as possible.

Finally, the fabric...Kai helped smooth and tuck. I also used some black duct tape!

Not the prettiest looking thing, but the room is really dark (the walls are the same olive green) so it blends in nicely.

Okay, so back to school...Bible, Journal, Spanish (nope, we skip that one since the curric I picked out, complete with video lessons on DishNetwork flopped since they don't number their episodes...making for way too much DVRing and fast-forwarding to find the correct show), Spelling (word search day...her fav). I use the word search maker on A to Z Teacher Stuff (click for link).

Meanwhile, Zane baby is fussy this morning. I think he's cutting more teeth. One way or the other he wants held if he's not sleeping...enter my Moby wrap. We've been practicing with him on my back. It works and is as comfortable as carrying about any 25 pound weight strapped to your back.

Do you like my do? It's called the Ann. My sister's good friend Rashelle taught us how to do it on our girls' weekend. Works great and even better with damp hair, extra bonus!

Next Elena did her Nature Study. We usually like to go on a walk to find something to draw, but since it had been raining today and she had said yesterday that she had something picked out in the yard, she just went out on her own. (That was a long sentence.) This is a pic of her Nature Notebook. It's just an artist's sketchbook and she decorated the cover at the beginning of the year. I love it...especially the "Bar".

And here she is showing her sketch of the robin's nest. She labels each sketch and sometimes colors them in. Each week she gets better. All the lines on this one are the slats of the lattice screen that the nest is tucked in between.

It had stopped raining and we were waiting for our milk lady to stop by before lunch, so we went out to look at flowers and such.

My beautiful clematis that Eric and Elena gave me my first or second Mother's Day.

Zane-monkey, still riding along and watching the kids ride their bikes. His eyes are so sweet...they are a pretty hazel-brown.

Buds of the white peony. I think I like the buds as much as the round and full. Not sure if you can see the raindrops on them. Just lush and beautimus!

So then the milk lady came and went (we usually go down to her farm but when she's coming up this way it saves me a trip...yay!). About a month ago we starting buying fresh goat's milk from her...and for the first time in years I feel so good about the milk my kiddos are drinking! Go ahead, do some research about cow's milk, pasteurization, homogenizing, etc.

It was past lunch time and I had promised to take the kiddos out...we ended up at Ruby Tuesdays. They had never been there and I wanted to be waited on (imagine that). The food was really good. I don't think I've ever seen Kai gobble down a kid's meal faster. He got grilled chicken and steamed broccoli. Elena liked her cheeseburgers and Zane ate most of my mashed potatoes, plus some chicken and broccoli. We opted then to just get a dab of groceries at Target rather than a long trip over to HyVee. I think I'll go alone in the morning.

Elena finished up her school at home, some geography by doing a US states puzzle (new from garage saling yesterday), math, copywork and reading/history.

Zane and I went down for rainy afternoon snoozes while the big kids watched Santa Clause 3 off the DVR. It was 6 when I woke up!! I popped in the pizzas and they all wrestled and picked up the living room.

Gotta show you one of my favorite kitchen's my cake lifter turned pizza scooper!

Seems like all the frozen pizzas need to be baked right on the oven rack these days, leaving the getting them out to be a bit tricky. Weh-eh-ell...this gadget is perfect for just such a task! Thumbs up!

Ahhh, baths, then bedtime...I've actually still got one awake, surely trying to wait for Daddy. He just called about 15 minutes ago while waiting for his bags at the airport. Yay. See, there was more than one reason for my late nap...I needed to be semi-coherent for Eric's arrival!

Oh, gosh, I almost forgot the little episode of drama right before baths! I was changing some laundry and then scooped up Zane to go throw him in the tub with Kai, who was SUPPOSED to be getting undressed. When I walked into the bathroom, he was caught red-handed trying to quickly flush down the chunk of hair he had just whacked from his pretty red head! That boy has a thing with scissors. If they are in sight he simply cannot resist cutting something! Aaarrrggghhh! And this after weeks of protesting getting a hair cut because he likes it long! He's going to the barber tomorrow. Dang, cuz I like his wavy locks. And no scissors for ANYTHING for a while....and he loves craft time. Too bad.

Well, that's it for this week...I might write a couple things about our weekend if it amounts to anything more than groceries, soccer, haircuts and church. Hope you've enjoyed seeing a peek into our I think I want to know what other people live like LOL! Blessings...Resa


Parkwood Stories... said...

Hey I just tried to do my hair like that today too! It's finally long enough again. Turn's out it doesn't work so well when it's dry. Wet's the way to go.

Resa said...

Yes, and you have to make sure to pull the loops around the outside of the ponytail holder...not push them under. If that makes any sense. I have to fold the pieces of my hair in half before twisting it's so stinkin' long!