Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Week in the Life ~ Is it Friday yet?

So I think writing out a diary of our week is making me think I'm crazy! Not for keeping the's just seeing all our going ons in black and white gives me a better idea of why I'm so tired LOL! Are you ready to hear about our Thursday? Here it goes:

7:52 a.m. - Pulling out of the driveway to go garage saling! Yes, before 8 a.m. I can't believe it! Guess it shows my soft spot...I love to get some deals!
8:05 a.m. - Been to the bank and now over to QT for breakfast (you see, there was a REASON I made it out of the house so breakfast).
8:15 a.m. - At our first garage sale. (I'll tell ya about our goodies in a minute)
Fast Forward....
10:00 a.m. - Back home, clean out the van and get ready for some school!

Kai needs something productive to occupy him during school, otherwise he's out the door to play (not that that is a bad thing, but I like him to get the feel of working a bit). Today I decided he could make some crazy crayons for his project. No way Elena was going to let him have all the fun, so she joined in for most of it.

All the bits and pieces are peeled and placed in a foil lined pie plate.

I'm melting! I'm melting!

Now that's one honker of a crayon. I guess I should have taken pictures of them breaking it up...they hammered on it with a bottle of glue and a ruler. Anyway...that was cool fun for the day!

After our Bible lesson we had snacktime! We used to make "homemade" microwave popcorn by putting it in a paper bag with a bit of oil and salt and stapling it shut. When our over-the-range microwave bit the dust (see it in the background? It's now a large kitchen timer & clock), so did that...the little stand-in microwave we use now just doesn't like my do-it-yourself popcorn bags. All that to say, we haven't had popcorn in a long time! Dunt-dun-a-duhhh....wah-lah, $1 will get you a fine air popper at just about any garage sale. Yum!

Kai basically hauled in today....not only did he find this lovely pogo stick:

But also a brand-new-to-him bike!

Yay!!! He ALSO got a two-wheeled scooter! ($2, $10 & $2...not too shabby).

You can imagine that he spent most of the day outside playing on all those new toys. Elena did a good job with her other she had music study (we do a different composer or genre each month) and she listened to some jazz fusion on Pandora. I'd never thought of turning Pandora on for music before...duh! Perfect, and now I'll no longer be purchasing lovely compulation CD's! Her copywork was a paragraph about the rise of Jazz in the 30's & 40's that I printed off a jazz history website.

By then it was time for lunch and our standing play date with some other homeschool friends! We are so blessed to have other families in our area that share our relaxed lifestyle. This particular family has three kiddos all about the same age as ours. Plus, they get along fab and Sara (the momma) and I are becoming great friends. (Hi Sara!) They brought their bikes, and we got to see their garage saling finds, but the main attraction was the awesome fort Elena and Chaya made out of her bed. I'm so grateful for the time she gets to spend building friendships!

After they left, we finished up our school day with some math & reading. Then we had just enough time to pretty up for our portrait session at Target. We like to have portraits taken for each kiddos birthday. Well, Elena's was almost a month ago...and the boys' before that, so today it was a 3-for-1 shot for all their individuals plus a few together. I made sure all the crud was off their faces and out from under their fingernails, put on the outfits and off we went. Yay! They turned out great!

I try to make sure we always have our favorite photographer, Kelly...she knows my kids and does a great job. I think she's taken almost all their portraits since Kai turned two. I grabbed some hot dogs and a bag of salad while we were at the store then headed home for a late supper. Ugh! What was I thinking? I'm not feeling so hot after that meal and poor Zane would have nothing to do with his hotdog. I think that made me feel even worse for feeding him one...though they were Hebrew Nat'l hotdogs which I guess are better than most.

The kids brought in all the outside toys in case it rains and then we watched a bit of American Idol...the Idol gives back episode. A good fit as after listening to a song today on KLOVE that ended "for the poor and needy, God", we had a conversation about 1. God isn't who is poor and needy and 2. What it means to be poor and needy.

Kai remembered donating to fund a surgery for a dog at the pet store, must have been at least a year and a half ago...he asked if that dog was poor. Then they thought of my friend Kori who is waiting for a new heart...certainly needy, if maybe in a different way. We talked about how blessed we were and that even when we "need groceries" we always have food to eat. I think that teaching about gratefulness is more difficult when we live such privileged lives. Anyway, the Idol episode highlighted some people both here and in Africa who are certainly poor and made it more real to my little ones.

8:00 p.m. Bedtime! I did it Eric-style tonight...p.j., brush teeth, prayers, bed. Much needed for my sanity.

I'm slightly overwhelmed at the state of my domicile:

Various toys scattered, two-day old Sonic cup on the table, etc. etc. My own fault, I know, so it's all self-pity. We'll see what tomorrow brings. I may do a crisis clean day and whip this place into shape. But we "need" groceries too...that's at least a two hour trek to the store with kids in tow. Hmmm.....I guess I can tell you about it tomorrow night.

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