Thursday, February 11, 2010

A. R. T.

Creation. Expression. Imagination. Beauty. Experimentation. Simplicity.

A. R. T.

I have a young friend, Seth Jones, who is a gifted artist--that's him above. He has just opened up a shop on Etsy: Attic Inspired. My advice? Get 'em while you can! He's offering prints and originals of his latest works. I've had the opportunity to see some of the originals and they are fabulous! Now I just have to decide which one(s) I want for myself. Oh, and one of the artists who has inspired him, Kelly Rae Roberts, included him on her blog this past week (click on her name...this new template of mine doesn't show links unless you hover).


Christi said...

That is AWESOME! How cool.

Jodien said...

Love his work! I just ordered two pieces. Guess my wedding next month can cover that :)