Thursday, February 04, 2010

New Year, New Start

Okay, so since this is re-start week for me in are pictures of me and my family, plus a few of my sister's gang. Mainly posted so I can remember where we all were at this point in time!

First up, oh, that's my DH, Eric looking goofy in some funky frames at a Christmas party!

Eric having fun with Zane.

My niece, Stella...looking quite innocent in this picture!

Sweet Naomi, my first niece with a heart about as big as the ocean.

And Miss Ava, Naomi & Stella's sister, with my BFF & sis, Jodi.

Here's my crew...Kai (4), Zane (10 mos.) and Elena (6).

Kai and his buddy Ian.

Zane learning how to read.

Three Amigos.

That's my girl!

My honey and I at our Christmas party...the real owner of the funky frames in the background.


Angela said...

Love the new blog look Res. Hope all is well in your world :)

Jodien said...

So glad you are up again! Although we talk every day almost, I don't see all your pics. Loved the 4 yr old boy funny faces.