Friday, February 19, 2010

Homeschool Goodies

So I've actually been WORKING tonight (and a few other evenings) on "teacher stuff" and have come across some new-to-me AWESOME sites:

First up, Practical Pages, a blog by another Charlotte Mason homeschooler who lives in South Africa. She has many, many, you-guessed-it "practical" downloads available that go right along with a CM approach. LOVE IT! Especially the composer and artist charts and info pages...oooh, and the Ancient Egypt lapbook! Double-bestest they are all FREE! You rock Nadene!

Then this week I ran across the idea of making a mini-office lapbook with all the help-charts we frequently access like the handwriting chart, number chart, US map, color words, etc. Lots of sites out there, but tonight I'm lovin' Lapbook Lessons and then, in a more classroomy mode, but full of great stuff, SparkleBox from our friends across the pond. Now I just have to decide if I'm going to make one or two mini-offices...hmmmm...I'm leaning towards one for a K-2 version and then make updates as necessary.

Oh, and then there is the whole timeline problem at our house...the big wall version? Well, turns out sticky-tack does NOT like cold weather and it came tumbling down, bit by bit, when winter came along. Not wanting to mar our entire basement stairwell with staple marks, I've opted for a Book of Centuries. My favorite CM site, Simply Charlotte Mason, of course, had one I could download and print, again, for free...woot! We've already loaded it up in a binder and have started transferring our people pictures...much better!

I just love finding new, fun things to make our homeschooling experience even better! Here are some pics of my kids hard at work:

Elena & Kai painting their sugar cube Egyptian pyramids. (See our new vibrant office/school room paint color in the background? I love it!)

Just about ready to gobble up our fruit turkeys with our friends, Ian & Aidan.

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