Monday, September 22, 2008

Hearts are Hurting VI

This morning, Kori was scheduled to have another echo...actually, they were hoping to be done with it by 8:30 a.m. which was half an hour ago. I'll be checking her site for updates, meanwhile, the post below is from this weekend.

Also, I just want to thank those of you who have also gone through PPCM for visiting these updates and praying for Kori. I have passed the information you shared with me on to her family and hope that your advice can help her too!

(On Monday morning) They will take Kori to the operating room and put her under and reinsert the ventilator tube so an echocardiogram can be performed. Dr. Benton said if she has shown good improvement, they will remove the Lvad machine and she will be on her own. If she hasn't shown any further improvement, they will start the preparation for a heart transplant which will necessitate a transfer, probably to Salt Lake City. Since she has done so well, we are all cautiously optimistic.

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dani johnson said...

I'm a PPCM survivor and just saw this. I don't know you or Kori, but I hurt every time I see a story about someone with PPCM going through this.
If you are not already part of A Mother's, please join. Also, if you are on Facebook, join the PPCM survivors group.
god bless ~ dani johnson