Friday, September 19, 2008

Hearts are Hurting V

Here are two updates from yesterday on Kori. I'm headed out of town for the weekend, but will try to nab some computer time and add to the posts! ~Resa

Sept. 18

Posted 21 hours ago

Kori is off the ventilator. She is worn out and resting. There will be another echocardiogram, probably tomorrow. That will be an important one. Last night, before she was off the ventilator, she was writing instructions to Doug; don't forget to pay the babysitter, get the insurance forms, etc. She wanted to talk to her Mom last night. By using her hands, she asked if she had had a heart attack. She was also very concerned as to whether the ventilator was permanent. When she was assured that it wasn't, she seemed to relax. She's not in the clear yet, but she is moving in the right direction. There are not any current plans to send her on for a heart transplant.

Now that we have been able to finally take a deep breath, there are some rather ironic things that have taken place. Marlyn's sister Bev and her husband were here over the weekend. She taught at Ark City H.S. for many years. We discovered that she had the cardiac surgeon, Dr. Benton, as a student. She taught him well!

Doug's sister Beth lives in Russell with her family. She has a friend that attends a small church north of Russell. Beth's friend asked for prayers for Kori at last Sunday's service. After the service, a woman approached her and said that she was a good friend of Dr. Benton. Dr. Benton called her Saturday night (Kori's surgery was mid-day on Saturday). She said Dr. Benton was emotional and said he just needed to talk with someone. He related that he had a very rare case of a young woman, previously very healthy, that he had performed open heart surgery earlier that day. He was hopeful that he could help her and her family.

People here have been outstanding. The Doctors, nurses, Doug's family, Kori's co-workers and friends of she and Doug have gone beyond what anyone could expect. We can never thank them enough. Please continue to pray for Kori, Doug and Kourtney.

Sept 18 5:50 p.m.

Posted 16 hours ago

Doug just talked with Dr. Benton. He described Kori's progess as "wonderful." Our visits with her have been short today as she has been resting and really worn out. She has had alot of breathing exercises. She had me pinch her nose while she was doing them. You can imagine the pain and discomfort from having your chest forced and cut open just 5 days ago. Dr. Benton said that they will probably try to take her off the Lvad machine on Monday. That is the device that is working for the left side of her heart. Keep praying for her; it's working.

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