Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hearts are Hurting III

Yesterday, Tuesday, Kori had an echocardiogram that indicated a 10% improvement on the left side of her heart. This is good news and they will repeat the test today. In the next few days, the doctors will be deciding whether or not to move her to a location (probably Salt Lake City) to await a heart transplant.

She is still very, very ill and needs your thoughts and prayers! Thank you so much for helping support my friend in this way!

I am also planning some kind of fundraiser for her family...either a benefit BBQ & silent auction or some kind of online thing...if you have thoughts or ideas, please let me know.

Kori's family has started a website to keep friends updated on her condition. It was sweet to see pictures of her and her little ones, what a reminder of her passionate spirit. This is a photo of Doug, Kourtney (now 2 years old) and Kori.

I don't feel it appropriate to give out the log-in info here in the wide-open-blogosphere, however, I'll pass along info as I get it.

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