Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hearts are Hurting II

As some of you know, baby Dean's funeral was postponed when her mom, my friend Kori, suffered a heart attack Friday evening. She had surgery on Saturday and is now recovering. Here is the latest update from my friend Trisha who keeps all us Pitt State gals informed:

Hello all,
Kori is doing better than we could have imagined. They let her wake up this morning and she did pretty good. After being awake for some time, she got a little agitated so they gave her medicine to go back to sleep. She remains on a ventilator and with the heart assisted device still in. Her vital signs and labs are all okay. Her family remains close by and she knows we are all pulling for her. Dena's memorial and burial will be today. Kori understands that she will miss the services but her pastor is going to do a private memorial for her when she gets better. We all need to continue to pray for Kori and her family. The question of Kori needing a heart transplant still remains. Time will let us know. Take care.
I say once again, I am tired of bad things happening and I pray this is the last one.

Thank you all for continuing to keep her family in your prayers...again, her husband's name is Doug and their 2 year old daughter's name is Kourtney. I will post updates as I get them. Peace, Resa

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