Monday, October 01, 2007

How to pass it on...

This weekend we had the pleasure of spending it in Wichita visiting friends and family. My niece, Stella, is turning one year old tomorrow so we celebrated that momentous event and just enjoyed being with everyone!

Whenever I'm in Wichita on Sunday I get to go to River and worship...always a treat! My bro-in-law is the worship pastor and their band does such a great job at making it all about praising & honoring God while putting out some awesome performances at the same time. The message this week had a couple themes: 'heroes' and 'connecting your faith to everyday life'. Terry, River's pastor, always lays it out in a very methodical and easy to digest now I'm trying to apply some of it...

The big question: "How to give grace and show God's love to my 2-year-old who will NOT go to sleep this afternoon?" This is the same boy who everyday sleeps away 3 hours of the afternoon. Also the same boy who has a nasty respiratory cold and who's body certainly could use some major down time. It may seem a trivial question, but his not submitting to my desire for his sleep is making me have a knot in my stomach!

He has now made his way down from his room saying "I sleeped GOOD Mommy! I not sick ANYMORE!" and is on my lap wanting to play computer games. AAARRRGGGHHH! Well, I guess the battle is over for now and I will graciously show him love and pray tonight isn't an evening of meltdowns. I leave now with hoping this one day of demonstrating grace will add on to many others in order to pass on a heart for living out life as perhaps Christ would! BTW, I sure could use your prayers for patience!

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